Summer of Good Deeds


june (Photo credit: the past tends to disappear)

I am looking for ideas.  More specifically, I am hoping to create a list of good deeds I could complete with the help of my daughters.  For me, this means reaching out to people I know or don’t know with an act of kindness or with a small gift.  It could be an act of service that may or may not be recognized by others (i.e. picking up trash around the neighborhood).  I’m looking for ideas that are relatively easy to do with children.  I am also hoping to stretch myself a bit by doing something I may not have thought to do on my own.  June 7 is the last day of school around here, so Friday marks the official start to summer.  I plan to organize and complete seven good deeds before the end of August.


3 thoughts on “Summer of Good Deeds

  1. If you have a senior center or retirement home – see if they have a program for visiting those who don’t have friends or family. Children are especially appreciated here.


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