Deeds On Pause

Here is how I roll—sometimes.  I want to write, so I buy a journal.  But it’s too beautiful to write crappy, random thoughts in it.  So I don’t write at all.  I want to manage time better, so I buy a calendar.  But that, too, is too beautiful to write in, plus if I write something down, I will have to do it.  So I use a pencil.  This brings me to my Activities Centered on Good Deeds List.  I want it to be filled with memorable activities and meaningful, life changing events.  Maybe, just maybe, even worthy of a film documentary.  I want confetti to fall from the sky.  I want my kids to tell me how doing good deeds made them better citizens.  I want each good deed to be so amazing and, of course, original, that … well, I can’t seem to think of any good deed I want to pursue.  Smile at a stranger?  Been there.  Done that.  Put up a random piece of garbage in a parking lot.  Done that.  Bring food to the Food Shelf.  Done that.  Donate money.  Yep.  Done that.  So, have patience with me, Reader, while I pause.  I admit I am procrastinating.  And it’s not because I have already mastered the art of a good deed.  I am trying to accept how simple a good deed can be.


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