Good (Deed) Morning

Support your local entrepreneurs. (photo credit: wikipedia)

A report about one summer morning when I found opportunities to reach out to others without any real planning or forethought.

Good Deed 1

Shopped local–at a corner lemonade stand.  Two entrepreneurs (young women, mind you) were selling both pink and yellow lemonade for a quarter.  Who can resist supporting future business women in their pursuits?  I hit the brakes, turned around, and ordered up a round for everyone.

Good Deed 2

Invited someone to go ahead of me (and kiddos and full cart of groceries), despite my harried-hate-this-grocery-shopping mood.  The guy carried a basket and looked relaxed enough, athletic enough to be enjoying a day off wakeboarding.  He stared at my cart but didn’t move. Technically, he knew I won the race to this checkout, but I asked, “Would you like to go ahead?”

He looked from my cart to me … and smiled.  And that’s when I thought, bingo.  I did a good deed.  Well, ain’t I awesome.

Good Deed 3

Bought “thinking of you” cards for five family friends while shopping.  Even better … I resisted any further (and usual) procrastination. I moved those cards from the bag to my desk, addressed and stamped them, and set them out for the mail carrier before I unpacked the Triscuts and Cheerios. Done.


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