Ode to a Small Kitchen

Below is a poem I wrote the morning of Thankgiving to say thanks to my husband, Michael.   

Galley Kitchen & You

Our galley kitchen, only three feet in width,

is a source of discontentment.

It’s difficult to cook

Stir-fry, pancakes, or stew

Without feeling smothered by you.

Shoo!  Get out of my space,

You tell me when you chop.

Shoo! Get to your place,

We yell at daughters demanding

Chocolate slop.

Perhaps, one day we’ll have a kitchen

Bigger than three feet in width,

One with a floor I’ll adore

Cause washing it

Will be a week-long chore.

Until then, let me stay in your space

Close enough to see the beer foam on your face.

Let us enjoy our girls underfoot,

Even if they cling like soot.

And as they grow,

Please know,

How thankful I’ll be

For a kitchen that keeps you close to me.




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