Such kindness. And from the cable lady?

You know you’re high on hormones when you call to inquire about the cable bill and the woman who answers says, “It’s a great day at Charter. How can I make your day better?” and it causes you to pause at her kind words and weep with gratitude and realize that, yes, you would like someone to make your day better. When she says, “You still there?” you want to confess how your morning of trying to work at home while watching the kids has not been very productive and the Lalaloopsy dolls are spewed all over the carpet and your daughter cut paper hearts and left scraps of paper on the table and you can’t find counterspace in the kitchen to make lunch and, yes, these may sound like simple things, but a brain low on serotonin thinks these are reasons to pull the fire alarm and run, and what options are available for making my day better?  Please elaborate.

But you don’t say that. ‘Cause somewhere inside that body that isn’t yours (this week), you know the woman’s kindness is from her employee handbook. You compose yourself. You say, “Yes. I’m here.”  You resist every impulse to tell this person your truth and forge on with the script of polite customer wanting the latest deal offered by the cable company.


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