Daughter Gets Ready for a Playdate

My third grader packed her Barbies & accessories in her princess backpack (the one she used years ago for preschool), but at the last minute, she moved all contents to a plastic shopping bag from Walgreens.  Melisandra needed to walk from our house to our neighbor’s house, passing the home of a (boy) classmate I won’t name but makes her blush when I do. She didn’t want him to look out his window and see her with the backpack.

“I have a reputation to keep, you know,” she said as she moved Barbie with her sparkly high heels and evening gown to the bag.  This Barbie would join the Barbies at our neighbor’s house where there would be makeovers and fashion shows.

I said, “And what reputation is that?”

“To not be a girly-girl.”


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