Oblivious Men: Stop & Take Note

Gentlemen, may I advise thee: when your significant other/wife/roommate clears surfaces of tables that have not seen light for months, plus vacuums, and gives the room a tidy look, you must respond with “oohs” and “ahhs” and a thanks for all her splendid deeds.

We stay-at-home folk feel the weight of the avalanche, that is the clutter you men and your children leave resting–EVERYWHERE.  We would like some acknowledgement, a little “Wow, honey, that looks great,” when we actually make some headway on the constant push, push, push back of items that accumulate without our permission.

When we have a moment where we feel we’ve conquered, we’d like you to take note.

Don’t just walk by as if nothing’s changed.  Com’on.  You must see that something is different.  That crap didn’t just disappear.  Someone in your life feel intentional enough to find the recycling bin for your papers and cardboard and for all your kids’ little toys and markers and wrappers.  Someone in your life thought it might be nice to use that table for something other than storage.  So, take a second, and say, “Yeah honey.  Thanks.  A lot.”


One thought on “Oblivious Men: Stop & Take Note

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