After grocery shopping with my nine-year-old

Made a late evening run to Cub Foods, just with Melisandra.  I had a blast shopping with her.  She read on the Cub bags how the chain has been around since 1968.  “Wow. That’s getting old,” she said. 

In the car, she dug out a golden delicious apple and between bites asked, “What does Cub stand for?”  I told her I had recently asked an employee that same question, but she didn’t know either. 

I told her how Cub was pretty revolutionary when it first opened. Cub promised people lower prices if they’d pack their own groceries.  There were signs on display, showing people how to pack.  “Before that, when I was a kid, our groceries would be packed, then put in a tub on a belt that would go outside and someone would meet you at your car and–” 

“Are you talking to me?” Melisandra said.  When I didn’t answer, she added, “I’m just so into my golden delicious.”

“Melisandra, I don’t know if you’re being rude or just oblivious.”

“What’s oblivious?”  And after I told the definition, she said, “Oh, I’m definitely that.”


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