The Cost of Grocery Shopping with Kids

Just something I’ve been pondering but hadn’t officially totaled until now. Here is the cost of bringing a five-year-old grocery shopping. 21:54, 9 March 2008 (UTC) Differe...

Different kinds of apples are my kids’ favorite item to pick out at the grocery store.

$2.89 for princess Bandaids (she cut her finger and bled right after starting the shopping trip)
$2.59 for Apple Apple Sauce Snack (applesauce in a pouch)
$2.59 for Apple Apple Sauce Snack (had to buy two “just in case we want more”)
$1.80 for fruit leather snacks to share with her preschool friends
$4.59 for raisin bran (“Cheerios are for my sister, not me.”)
$5.37 for apples (“I want to pick one of each.” A granny smith, jazz, gala, golden delicious)

Grand Total … $19.83 … for items I may or may not have purchased had I shopped solo. (I know I could say no, but it’s hard to say no when her requests are healthy ones.) Perhaps next time, when shopping with all three daughters, I’ll add that one up too.


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