Grapefruit? What is that?

In an effort to improve my health and increase my intake of fruits and vegetables, I brushed the dust off my juicer and pulled one of these out of my produce drawer.

My husband came into the kitchen and said, “Wow! What is that?”

“It’s a grapefruit,” I said. Michael has seen grapefruit before, but it has been awhile (about three years) since I’ve purchased one of these.

His exclamation peaked the curiosity of Melisandra and Corrigan. They came to stand in front of the counter to get a closer look at the exotic food. They smiled at its size. I encouraged them to smell it, touch its skin. They watched me slice and juice the grapefruit along with two oranges into my lunch.


I discovered juicing when I was eighteen and have ever since been an avid fan. I used to juice fruits–and vegetables–at least once a day. When I lived in the dorms, my roommates and I enjoyed juicing parties where we’d juice up oranges and pineapple and add vodka to make for healthy entertainment. Post-college, I splurged and updated to the Braun (see above) I currently own as a present to myself.

After I had my youngest daughter, Reece, two-plus years ago, I inadvertently quit juicing because parenthood filled my days to the brim, and managing produce and cleaning a juicer required too much energy. I’d like to get back to juicing again. Maybe even upgrade my old Braun to a more efficient model.

Melisandra and Corrigan asked to sample my orange-grapefruit concoction. “It’s an acquired taste,” I said.

“Which means it won’t be that good,” Melisandra said. She’s nine and good at inferences. She grimaced at the sweet peppery taste of the juice. And put her glass–not empty–on the counter. Corrigan made a bigger effort by taking at least two sips but made the same conclusion: Mommy’s drink is gross.

“I’m glad you two were at least willing to try it,” I told them as they moved out of the kitchen and on with their day.

I know I need to do a better job of exposing my kids to different foods. At least if they won’t eat/drink their grapefruit, they can enjoy playing with one.

Isn’t she lovely?



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