Blueberry Presence

I sat across the table, pretending to be patient. It was 8:30 p.m., late for a mom who wanted her children in bed as soon as the sun set. But my toddler needed a snack.

Reece spooned four blueberries from her bowl to her napkin, a large brown cloth with a paisley print.

“Just eat, please,” I said.

Reece had missed supper because she fell asleep during Disney Junior’s Sheriff Callie and refused to wake up. Three hours later, she had found a second wind.

She covered the blueberries with the napkin into a mangled rectangle.

“Please. Just eat.”

“It’s a present,” she said. This amused me. I didn’t know she understood the concept of wrapping a present.

She unwrapped her gift and made a gasp. What a surprise! It was just what she wanted! She put one blueberry in her mouth. Then said, “Woof!” She put her face to the table to pick up the other three blueberries with her mouth.

I heard the patter of feet, our other daughters, moving from the bathroom to our bedroom. “Pick out three books,” my husband said. This meant our normal bedtime routine should almost be over, and I should be free to sit on my fanny and watch a show that’s not animated.

Get to it, darlin’. Eat up. Geez.

I fought the itch to pick up the spoon and feed her myself. She’d most likely turn her head and refuse to open her mouth anyway. She continued to eat using her method—place four blueberries in the napkin, wrap them up, open with a gasp, eat—minus the puppy part. I put a stop to that.

I ignored the progress my husband was making upstairs and resisted the urge to look at the clock. Instead, I noticed the little dimple on Reece’s left cheek and her bright blues and her bangs in need of a trim. She opened the napkin carefully as if she had real, paper wrapping paper and planned to save it for another day. And what at little actress. Who knew a two-year-old could act? Her make believe entertained me.

But thankfully, she only had a half-cup—about sixteen blueberries—of entertainment in her bowl.


Blueberries in sm bucketInspired by the letter B as part of the A to Z Challenge for the month of April.

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7 thoughts on “Blueberry Presence

  1. Reece sounds like my 3 1/2 year old niece. She’s quite the actress as well. I love the cute little things they do at that age. But…I’m with you…I’m a happy camper when bedtime comes and I can relax in my own way. Though with mine being almost 12, bedtime just keeps creeping later and later into the evening.


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