Hellooo Tinker Bell

I like the character Tinker Bell, the one with the movie deals (and dialogue) of her own, the one played by Mae Whitman. Tinkerbell’s first movie showed her coming to terms with her talents. I related to this character’s story and thought it a good discussion starter for my own daughters. It is inspiring to watch a young girl learn to accept herself. And Tinker Bell learns to accept how intuitive it is for her to find “lost things” and repair them or make them into something else. She’s a builder, a helper, a critical thinker.

photo from contactmusic.com

photo from contactmusic.com

I like how Tinker Bell thinks outside convention. She’s always on the verge of being a bit rebellious. She’s strong. I think of her like she is in the above photo from Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy, where she grows concerned for someone she barely knows. She forgives. She helps the pirate fairy, Zarina, even if Zarina wasn’t so nice and stole crucial blue pixie dust from Pixie Hollow. Tinkerbell is a role model, someone I would pick as a colleague or a friend.

Thus, I had to laugh when I found this backpack hanging in the hall where my daughter goes to preschool. Hope it brings you a laugh, too. Cheers!

"Hello, handsome. I've been waiting."

“Hello, handsome. I’ve been waiting.”

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