Another Yellow Umbrella

Before the yellow umbrella of Ted Mosby appeared on How I Met Your Mother, there was another Yellow Umbrella, a book by Korean artists, composer Dong II Sheen and writer/illustrator Jae-Soo Liu.

This picture book and its accompanying CD tell the story of children going to school in the rain. Readers of all ages will enjoy this book. Yellow Umbrella makes for a fun diversion or even a discussion starter.

While watching kids walk to school one rainy day, Liu observed how the umbrellas neutralized age, gender, race, socioeconomic class. They were moving, colorful entities without any defining qualities, kids united by the act of getting their education. Liu collaborated with Sheen to celebrate the beauty of umbrellas in the rain.

Each two-page spread shows different parts of the kids’ commute–crossing the street, skipping through a park, walking on the sidewalk to the entrance of the school. The music to accompany the artwork is upbeat and playful and will brighten the grays of a rainy day.

Another fan of Yellow Umbrella created a slide show of the book with the music.

If you’re reading this post at work or while you’re sauteing in your kitchen, click play to enjoy Sheen’s melodies as background music. You can watch the slides later. The slides give you an idea of the artwork but won’t replace enjoying this book in person. Yellow Umbrella can be purchased on Amazon. Or, if you’re lucky, found at your local library.


Girl UmbrellaThis post was inspired by the need for happy thoughts on an intensely gray day of rain in the boondocks.

It was also inspired by the letter U as part of the A-to-Z Challenge for the month of April. Scroll past the social media buttons to comment on this post.


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