Sometimes in this life you need to know the word yegg. You don’t believe me? Here are three possible scenarios when this word could change your world.

Scenario 1



It’s 9 p.m. The kids, all three of them, are finally asleep. You open a bottle of cabernet and put your feet up on the Ottoman. Your favorite show Castle is already underway. You’ve missed the part where the body has been found and Castle and Beckett get the phone call to venture out into the streets to the crime scene.

So, when you tune in and learn of Beckett’s lead, that the body left behind in the bank vault was a partner to a guy who calls himself the Yegg Master, you know that a safecracker is central to the plot and take another sip of wine. You watch as Beckett and Castle track Yegg’s next move.



Scenario 2



Next Saturday’s the big day. Your niece turns fourteen. You’re wondering what to get the teen who has everything. You know she’s been studying famous hobos like Jack Black for her social studies class. You also know she loves graphic novels and visiting the local art gallery.

Ah! That book. The one by Joe Coleman. Muzzlers, Guzzlers, and Good Yeggs. You find a signed copy at the Indie Bookstore. Perfect.





Scenario 3

Liberty safes


Panic has set in. Your husband is leaving for his deer hunting trip in two days. And he can’t remember the code to the gun safe. He says, “You know a good yegg who doesn’t charge?” He’s joking, of course. He thinks he doesn’t associate with criminals.

You wonder if you should let him in on your secret, the one you’ve kept for the last ten years: you put yourself through college by sneaking into homes and stealing cash and jewelry from strangers’ safes. Instead you tell your husband you’ve scheduled the locksmith for a time when your husband’s away at work. And you crack open the safe yourself.



Inspired by the letter Y in the A to Z Challenge for the month of April. Scroll past the social media buttons if you care to share a time when you needed to use the word yegg in your life.

Stay tuned for the letter Z. Then I will return to weekly or bi-weekly posts.



2 thoughts on “Yegg

  1. Years ago, I had to steal back my work provided HP financial calculator from a locked drawer in a coworkers desk. I no longer work in that profession but I still have that calculator!


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