Three A to Z Surprises

This post is quick reflection and a thank you letter.

I registered for the A to Z Challenge five hours before the list closed for entries. I had no plans or expectations, only the thought, could I do it? Could write 26 posts in 30 days?

I let some things go–like laundry and dishes–and forged ahead. And I found I could weave 600-800 words of writing into my day. I’ve learned, once again, that I don’t need to wait for hours of solitude or a writing retreat to push myself as a writer; that the act of writing can happen alongside daily routines rather than outside of them.

Over the course of completing the challenge, there were three other surprises.

Surprise One: Loving the Dictionary

I read the dictionary a lot this month. I carried it with me around the house.

“What are you doing with that?” my husband said when he caught me reading my dictionary like a novel. Yes, I read some letters word for word, especially when I had to muddle through U, V, W, X, Y, Z, the least attractive letters in the alphabet.

I am SO NOT interested in these letters that I skipped those sections in my baby name books when searching for our daughters’ names. No Vera or Yolanda or Zoe for me. I like a R over a V or a M or a X. The A to Z Challenge earned its name by forcing me to use those letters as inspiration for a topics.

But I’d say, overall, that’s a good thing. I did find some amusement in words I don’t often use in conversation–yonder, vile, zippy, and ursine.

Surprise Two: Craving Time To Re-Charge

Another challenge in the A to Z Challenge is finding time to re-charge. I would think of topics and then decide I needed more time to develop them. I craved space between posts. I wanted time to interact with the world long enough to witness something amusing and then have time to write about it.

Surprise Three: A to Z Community

With 2000-plus blogs to visit in this challenge, I was surprised and thankful to see some A to Z Participants read/comment more than once during the month. After awhile, I looked forward to their ideas and voices and started to think of these writers as fellow comrades in the trenches of swirling letters and topics.

I’ve listed those bloggers below. Go on. Check them out. You know you want to.

Tell Me Another

Joeyfully Stated: Narratives of Neurotic and Other Nonsense


Erratic Project Junkie

In Pursuit of An Organized Life

Plucking Of My Heartstrings

Life of Holy Beauty

On to May and gardening and getting ready for summer fun

On to May and getting ready for summer fun

Thanks a bunch, dear readers, for a fun April.


7 thoughts on “Three A to Z Surprises

  1. Thank you for getting into the Challenge under the wire–that’s how I discovered your blog–by the interesting name and because it was right at the end of that monster list! And thank you for giving Tell Me Another a shout-out. I didn’t get to visit as many blogs as I would have liked to, but am delighted to have discovered yours. Glad housework was pushed aside for a time!


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