Five Things to Celebrate: Errands

In the spirit of November and Thanksgiving and an attempt to have an “attitude of gratitude” Thursday posts will recognize those ordinary, yet important, parts of daily life. Here are five things that happened while running errands.

1. Filling my gas tank.


I saved 40 cents per gallon this week!

This place offers a discount after spending oodles on groceries. I realize this savings is a little mind game, but gas is damn expensive, so I’m willing to play.

2. Parking near the door at the Big Box store.

Free Parking Spot

Big box stores have big box lots.

When there’s a spot open near the door, it’s as good as valet parking.

3. Finding my favorite soap in the big bottles.


With five pairs of hands at home, we go through lots of soap.

There’s only one store in town that carries Ivory in bulk, and lucky am I to find it each time I stop in.

4. Getting prompt, quick service.

customer service graphic

Parents with toddlers in tow need help.

We needed a new wireless router. More specifically, I needed the router my computer geek husband told me to buy. And when I couldn’t find it, the store associate left the customer service area to walk the mile back to the shelf to get it for me.

5. Catching up with a former colleague.


It was good to see her. And I impressed myself when, after ten years, I remembered her name.

In the middle of checking out, I saw Mary, a nurse I met when I led activities at a nursing home. She’s retired. Busy. Still sweet and sincere as ever.

Happy BalloonsThis is my 100th post!
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