Five Things to Celebrate: Travel

1. Sharing an outlet with a fellow passenger while waiting to board the plane. My charger will charge two devices at once. Since all the outlets near me at gate H8 had been filled, I got brave and asked a woman if she would mind using my charger so I could charge my phone as well. She agreed.


2. Walking the airport terminal with my three-year-old nieces. Both were determined to pull their suitcases every step of the way.Two girls, two suitcases, two miles of tram, elevators, escalators just to get to gate.


3. Climbing these stairs to our room. We arrived late and tired, after a four delay at the airport. My sister simultaneously maneuvered her sleeping daughter and large suitcase up, up, up to where we settled in for the night. I am so impressed with how strong my sister is.


4. Pushing the key fab button to open our mini van trunk. I have heard of this perk. And for three days I get to drive this rental and pretend it’s mine.



5. Waking up to a sunny sky in a new place. Welcome to Arizona.



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