Five Things to Celebrate: Dentist Checkup

1. Feeling confident in the hygienist and dentist who care for my daughters. I have been to aloof dentists and mean dentists. I have had less-than-positive, going-home-to-cry dental visits. When I found this dental office shortly after I married and moved here, I felt lucky to know such wonderful people exist.



2. Waiting in a comfortable environment. The waiting room has a flat screen TV, current magazines, and a water fountain, but this little block sitting on the table is just darned cute.


3. Watching daughters build houses and knock them down. Thirty minutes is a long time for kids to wait. While one daughter is getting her teeth cleaned, the others have wooden toys to keep them occupied.


4. Finding a new timer in the goodie bag. A few week ago, two of our timers shattered on our bathroom floor. Yes, there was profanities over the glass glistening, threatening little feet. Since my daughter Corrigan, 6, is a diligent brusher of teeth and holds herself accountable to the recommended two minutes, it has been on my list of to-dos to replace that timer. But yay! Instead, the dentist did it for me.


5. Hearing the no cavity good news. It’s like getting an A in Macroeconomics (note: I was a theater major.) As much as I like the staff and the environment of our dentist’s office, it’s really good–a relief actually–to hear we don’t have to come back for six months.

little girl holding a smile

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