B is for Chocolate

One of the highlights on my trip to Florida last February was the discovery of Brix Chocolate. My Floridian friends and I were at the checkout at Total Wine where these blocks of chocolate were conveniently placed for customers like me who buy things on a whim. We already had an assortment of liquor rolling down the checkout belt, including a Reisling and a Red Zin, so I picked up a square to share with everyone.

Later that night, after a satisfying dinner and a walk near the water, we sat in my friends’ living room with our nightcap of red wine and Brix. I knew I liked wine. I knew I liked chocolate. I didn’t know I could like them–that much–at the same time.

Brix Chocolate has been marketed, formulated, designed–whatever your verb might be–to be enjoyed with wine. Each box is labeled with a recommendation to pair the chocolate with a certain wine. The founder of Brix developed this product because he couldn’t find a chocolate that tasted pleasant when drinking it with wine. Lucky for me (and you, too) Dr. Nick Proia, a pulmonologist who liked have wine tasting parties with friends, made developing the recipe for his line of chocolates a priority.

I thought the whole event an isolated incident, a whole Florida thing. But we don’t live in a world of local specialties, don’t we? We live in world where semis dominate interstates, moving yummy treats from coast to coast. And so, it made sense, and yet I was still surprised, when I found Brix at our local Target here in the Midwest. I bought the two boxes left on the shelf with all the other Valentine’s candy and stowed them away until February 14. That night Michael and I ate our dessert while cooking supper. And we certainly didn’t tell the kids about the chocolate on the cutting board.

brixboard.square (316x316)

photo courtesy of brixchocolate.com




Inspired by the letter B in the A to Z Challenge for the month of April.  I was not paid to write this post. I am just a fan.

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