Hall B? Level H? It’s All Orange to Me

In these new-to-me places I see a new vocabulary of spaces. There are Rooms, Plazas, Mezzanines, Auditoriums. And there is the Hall. Hall B where conference participants gather to register and move from one session to another. Concrete pillars. Escalators. Skylights. Writers and0410151028a editors and publishers carrying their complementary canvas bags on their shoulders. We are all a little lost. We check our thick-as-a-phone-book conference program.

Am I going to Room 101 G & H or Room 101 J & I? Am I in Auditorium 1, Auditorium 2, or Auditorium 3? Each entrance looks the same as the next. I check the sign at the door. I check the program again. Yep. I am in the right place.

With all this letter and number mumbo jumbo swirling about between my ears, I returned to the parking ramp to find my van on Level H. But the only buttons in the elevator were labeled A, B, C, D. At least I knew I parked on a level painted with orange concrete. I pushed every button and started my ride of waiting for the stop and the doors to open to reveal the color of the concrete. Level A had green. Level B, yellow. Level C, orange. Score! I was on my way again.

One sweet anecdote brought to you by the letter H in the A to Z Challenge for the month of April. Thanks for reading. Scroll past the social media buttons to share a story or to comment on this post.


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