Mug Rug

Sometimes the simplest, even homemade-iest, gifts are the best. Let me show you one of my favorites. It’s a mug rug I display on my refrigerator as a little piece of art.

on display for the first time, one crafty creation from

My cousin,, loves to craft and craft and craft. She participates in knit nights and craft swaps and shares her talents with the blogosphere. She once made me a scarf I show off at parties: when I roll it up, it looks like a piece of sushi. It’s magical and fashionable.

At Christmas, her family and my family do a gift exchange. Usually my gifts are purchased. I am a writer. I type and scribble with a pen. I am inept at using knitting needles or winding bobbins or cutting straight lines of fabric. But over the years, McMaven has created our family knitted bunny slippers, knitted Doctor Who Can Koozies, and crocheted Lalaloopsy Hats.

The mug rug was part of our gift for Christmas 2011, the year Reece was born. I think McMaven made this mug rug on the fly without much pre-planning or intention. But for me, the mug rug represents the family I didn’t know I wanted. It represents Five.

Reece is my youngest, my 40th birthday surprise. When I found out I was pregnant with her, I couldn’t breathe. I thought, where are we going to put her? Our house has three bedrooms and a kitchen nook the size of a booth at a greasy cafe. It is made for four. Not five.

Five? Could we really do that? 

I soon learned that, yes. Yes, we could. We re-arranged our bedrooms and closets. We bought a dining room table. We traded in our SUV for the minivan.

Once I met Reece and swaddled her in her blanket and kissed her little fingers, she became mine and I couldn’t imagine our family any other way. Reece is the best-est gift, too. The mug rug, with our family in a line holding hands, looks complete and whole and the way it was supposed to be.


Inspired by the letter M in the A to Z Challenge for the month of April. Thanks for reading.

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