One Teaching Evaluation

During one my years as a high school English teacher, I was assigned three sections of English 12. Those seniors liked to visit, tell stories. At a football game, when the boys in my classes were running down the field and I cheered them on, I realized I liked them. I wasn’t just being professional or polite. I had learned enough about being a teacher to relax a little and enjoy these students for who they were.

They made it easy, though. Some of the kids called me “Teach” or “Ms. M” and it sounded more endearing to me than a sign of disrespect. They were friendly, and likable, and even after I heard their stories of spring break shenanigans, I’d say overall, they were a good group on their way to doing good things.

On the last day of school, after we had checked in textbooks and had a few minutes to spare before the bell rang, Zach approached my desk and gave me the best compliment I’ve ever received. “You don’t suck.”

Yep. Good kids.

Inspired by the letter T in the A to Z Challenge for the month of April. What was the best compliment you’ve ever received?

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