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Zee End of the Semester, the Start of Zinnia Season

My students filed out of the computer lab yesterday, after fourteen weeks of meeting twice a week to discuss all things English 101. One said, “Carey. Thank you,” as he walked out the door. I interpreted his intention to make sure I heard him as a good sign, a positive evaluation. Others said, see ya, […]
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Let’s Do This

Home Depot’s marketing campaign with its male narrator–I’ll call him, Harrison–is an entertaining kick in the ass. The campaign unites homeowners to stop the procrastination. You can paint. You can trim the grass and plant perennials. Harrison says, “Start here. Talk to her. Pick up some of that. A few of those. Okay, a lot those. Dirt. Plants. […]
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When A Family Tradition Gets Cut

Grandpa planted two apple trees, one for my sister and one for me. “That’s your history,” Dad will say whenever we talk about those trees or the 200 acre farm site where they were planted. We call the farm The Home Place, since it’s the site where Dad grew up, and it’s the center of […]
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Apple Picking: a video narrative

One of the traditions we have here in the boondocks is picking apples at Grandpa’s farm. I put together this video to show you some of the fun. Scroll pass the social media buttons and feel free to share a family tradition you have below.

Five Things to Celebrate

1. Apples maturing in my backyard. 2. Tall grass smiling at me. 3a. Paying someone else to climb the tall ladder. 3b. Feeling happy with someone else’s hard work. 4. Checking a home improvement item off the list. 5. Introducing the puppy to the groomers.