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Zee End of the Semester, the Start of Zinnia Season - My students filed out of the computer lab yesterday, after fourteen weeks of meeting twice a week to discuss all things English 101. One said, “Carey. Thank you,” as he walked out the door. I interpreted his intention to make sure I heard him as a good sign, a positive evaluation. Others said, see ya, [...]
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  • Yikes! Wrinkles? Age Spots? Oh My! - Yikes! As I grow my wisdom and it starts to grow on my face, I am shocked by the sight of it. The first place is in public restrooms. The lighting is terrible. If I dare look up while washing my hands I see an older woman with pale skin and shadows under her eyes. [...]
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  • Resisting A Replay of Xanadu - I cried when I left the movie theater. I walked to the car with my parents and their friends, bawling with large tears and large voice, all emotional after Xanadu. Granted, I was ten. The music and love story must’ve been too much for my pre-teen self. The parking lot was dark enough that had [...]
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  • Pushing Off Into The Water - I forgot to bring Sharkie. I remembered the suits, the towels, the swimming diapers. I even remembered to shave my legs. But it’s been months since I’ve been to a pool. I was out of practice with the mental packing list. Our extended family owns a condominium. In the center of the complex is a building equipped [...]
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  • Our Usual Cycle of Speaking The Mind - In my home as a kid, an argument was a usual occurrence. Mom, Dad, Sister, myself–we yelled. I always took pride in our open communication. We would speak our mind. We would forget about it. Our arguments were loud. We said mean things and then calmed down and got more articulate and thoughtful. We knew [...]
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