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Resisting A Replay of Xanadu

I cried when I left the movie theater. I walked to the car with my parents and their friends, bawling with large tears and large voice, all emotional after Xanadu. Granted, I was ten. The music and love story must’ve been too much for my pre-teen self. The parking lot was dark enough that had […]
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E is for Exorcism

Babysitters came to our house frequently when I was a kid. When Mom ended the day with a shower and twenty minutes of hair curling, when she pulled out a Swanson’s TV dinner for my sister and me to bake for supper, we knew a babysitter was on her way. Sabrina made my nose wrinkle. […]
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Waitress: More Than a Summer Rental

After a full weekend of hiking, touring museums, and telling ghost stories by the fire, Anna* and I decided to let the kids have a slumber party in the other room of our rented cottage while we watched a movie. We went to the lodge to check out the two bookshelves full of DVDs to […]
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