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Resisting A Replay of Xanadu

I cried when I left the movie theater. I walked to the car with my parents and their friends, bawling with large tears and large voice, all emotional after Xanadu. Granted, I was ten. The music and love story must’ve been too much for my pre-teen self. The parking lot was dark enough that had […]
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I Declare! Forty-Eight Years

Below is a poem I wrote and read aloud one Thanksgiving to my mom and dad.  Today, November 12, they celebrate their 48th wedding anniversary.       We hereby declare Mom and Dad   We hereby declare How lucky we are to know You’re there. It’s good to know You’ll hop In the old […]
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Make a Face

Here’s what my daughter’s preschool teacher taught me:
Make a face that says, I’m happy to see you. Show off those teeth. Wrinkle those eyes. Smile as if you’ve been waiting all morning for Max/Brittney/Lola/Jack/Josh to come to school. Say, come on over here, you, we’re going to finger paint.

Before I had kids, I taught senior high English. I loved my content. I thought that was enough. I didn’t greet students. I didn’t stand at my door and smile. I was getting ready to teach. Sit down, I’d say. Quiet down. Kids, open your books to page 161. We’re reading the second scene from Romeo and Juliet. Seriously, quiet down.

Miss Cheryl greeted us with a big, warm smile–one she had saved just for us. She’d say, oh, look at the picture of the spider. Your daughter drew it? Isn’t that lovely!

Missing the Water

I have been recovering from our vacation. Each July, family and friends rent cabins on a lake for a week of skiing, tubing, fishing. Our cabin has a wall of windows facing the lake. The screen door exits to cement steps that face my parents’ cabin which features sliding glass doors and a deck. And each year, all […]
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