Fifteen Ways to Neglect Writing A Blog Post

“… our busy little activities and our more serious commitments nibble at our concentration.”

 Pat Schneider, Writing Alone and With Others


1. Enroll in a graduate level class called Colloquium in Leadership.

2. Adopt a German shepherd puppy.

Woman and Dog Shaking Hands Sunset Silhouette3. Lose sleep each night; puppies need to pee at 4 a.m.

4. Each day, do Puppy Kindergarten homework with puppy—sit, stand, leave it, stay, walk (loosely on leash).

5. Try charging cell phone battery with this charger and that other charger. Determine cell phone usb port has gone bad.

6. Panic about not being able to depend on cell phone—as if you’re that important.

7. Become obsessed with shopping for cell phones…read reviews, visit local stores, read reviews, visit local stores, discuss options with national call center, read reviews, decide on a phone, order, buy.

8. Download and read user’s manual cover to cover while trying out all features.

9. Download apps to phone; customize settings; practice typing on touch screen.

10. Manage all things Household and Kids while husband is out of town for six days.

11. Host playdates, enforce piano practice, drive kids to ballet, scrap together meals with leftovers.

retro tv12. Retreat to couch each night to watch Covert Affairs On Demand. Wonder how agent Annie Walker can get through each mission wearing heels and without stopping to eat or sleep.

13. Panic when very, very, very old vacuum goes kaput.

14. Test drive vacuums at local shop. Play with new vacuum by sucking up spider webs, dead skin, dirt in corners. Pretend house is much cleaner than before.

writeratdesk15. Set writing goals. Fail to meet them. Pour a drink. Write more goals and decide this time will be different.

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