Essays 2014

Below are post titles and a few excerpts in alphabetical order. Choose one. Come back. Choose another one. Repeat. Cheers!

From “Eleanor”
As you go about your day, dear reader, here is an idea to ponder.
“You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.”

From “I Know, Honey, Not Winning Sucks”
We made our long walk from the arena through the busy intersection to the parking lot, carrying the card table and the folding chair and all the papers and bags. The wind grabbed the table like a sail and threaten to take the table from my hands. Melisandra grunted under the weight of the chair. It was a cumbersome load for a nine-year-old, but she still kept up with me.

From Planting a Snow Sweet
I must have whined and whimpered enough. Erin, Anna, and Liz had heard all my delays. I had shopped and told them my dilemma: I want an apple tree but I don’t know which one or where to put it.

From “Two-Year-Old Eats Cucumber and Lives”
Michael came half way down the stairs to sit on the landing. He started to put on his socks, clearly focused on getting out the door to work. I said, “Holy crap! Look what she did.” I showed him the evidence. And waited for us to be horrified by it.

From “Waiting for Concrete”
On a late May evening, Bo left us alone in our backyard to imagine. Michael and I sat in our Adirondack chairs side by side and saw our new patio and yard in August, after Bo completed his work. We’d have a flat place to set a large rectangular table for our friends who would come by to relax and clink glasses of sangria. We’d plant blueberry bushes and native grasses. We’d put the fire pit over here, the kids baby pool over there. We’d finally have a reason to buy The Grill, the one with a smoker, burner, and racks the size of Texas, the one that would require a second mortgage but would impress a carnivore’s palate.

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